Rapper Dupree G.O.D FKA WordSpit has an endless energy, pure passion, and lyrical skill that has caused thousands to chant this mantra at shows across the nation and abroad. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York under the care of his young mother and a hustling musician for a father, his humbling beginnings bred him for his now rapidly growing career in Hip-Hop music. Given his name by his brother, with Cannibus, Nas and Rakim as his influences, Dupree G.O.D set out to ensure that the verses that flew from his lips were nothing short of potent.
Dupree G.O.D began buzzing in the 2009 New York underground music circuit through open mics, solo shows, and random freestyle sessions anywhere people were willing to rap. WordSpit’s dedication to his craft earned him the 2010 Underground Music Award for Most Dynamic Solo Artist, a collaboration with The Source Magazine at the 2010 SXSW Music Festival, and also landed him in a highly visible McDonald’s nationwide television and radio campaign..
After seeing how his performances were even more amazing when backed with a live band, Dupree G.O.D teamed up with several instrumentalists to form Dupree G.O.D Fka WordSpit the ILLest and We The ILLest. Since then, this team has attained some amazing accomplishments, including headlining a concert at NYC’s S.O.B.’s Club alongside MTV’s Staying Alive organization alongside Rocawear. Dupree G.O.D along with We The ILLest became the first band to be invited to perform at the Rocawear/Artful Dodger showrooms at the RocNation headquarters where Hip-Hop mogul Jay-Z was in attendance. They also were the first band to ever win a performance spot at the 2011 Bamboozle Concert at New Meadowland Stadium where they opened for Lil’ Wayne, and they were one of the first artists to be featured in the BET Music Matters webisodes on the BET website.
Most recently, Dupree G.O.D and We The ILLest graced the stage on NBC’s hit television show “America’s Got Talent.” They were praised in the first round as the best band the show first round with their genre-mashing mix of cover and original songs. They took a risk by performing an original piece called “Lights, Cameras, Action” in the Quarter final round. They received a standing ovation by those in attendance at the live show. Regardless of America’s vote, the “Judges Choice” decision eliminated him and the band. Yet through this disappointment, Dupree G.O.D and We The ILLest strive to continue creating and sharing their passion for music in their own pure and grandiose way.
With the release of his previous indie album “The Coolest Bboi Stance” and the anticipation of new music that is soon to be released, Dupree G.O.D is ready to take the industry by storm. Through it all, his honesty and message is clear and his place as a rapper is cemented