City Of God!!! Mini Movie

City Of God!!

Cinematographer: Dirty Souf Yankee
Directors: Dirty Souf Yankee x WordSpit The ILLest
Editor : Massanissa Sphinx
Actors: Jacob Berger (priest), Tiggs (victim), Trigz (thug), and Cornelio Joseph (bus passenger)

I struggle with my own conflict of religion.

I believe in spiritually, god, the natural force of the universe that combines us all as we intertwine with our daily plights. But I don't believe in the division that religion tends to cause, so I stray from religious sects.

I was born to a family of Christians.

I grew up as a young child with my grandmother, (god bless Everlyna White), and lived out my teen life with my mother. I was given two fathers: One who raised me since a child when he  didn't have to; and the other-- absent from my life  due to jail (or what ever story he gave me), who found god, Allah, a divine calling to be righteous. So I've been around the notion of religion all my life.

The concept of "City Of  God" was to show the natural conflict that us, as human beings, deal with when it comes to our relationship with religion and  god. It deal' with two very real perspectives that occur in everyday society: losing faith and restoring it.

Shout out to Dirty Souf Yankee for helping with this idea as well as shooting and revising my thoughts.

Shouts to Max Sphinx for allowing me to sit down with him on the editing process.

Much love to all my actors:
Tiggs and Triggs
Jacob Berger
Cornelio Joseph

Big Thanks to the MadSound Man for the props.

Please comment with your thoughts. I will be sure to respond to everyone.