Bric Tv

AWWW man, been having such a great month of pure energy.  I'm so excited to present to you our  BRIC TV performance. I love the way this came out. I have a few issues like I should of had a belt on and some of the instruments are a little low in the mix but stuff happens during a live performance. The camera work is A1. The Host Queen God is was amazing and didn't take it easy on me. She was such a unicorn and you know how I love Unicorns.  Check the link below. 

Once Again, we are starting fresh so every like and share means the world to us. 

Bric TV

( Take ME Away ) This is a special song for me because it pulls from a real life experience. I don't want to give to much a way I'd rather you just feel the energy of the performance and then build with me about it later.  - WordSpit The ILLest AKA Dupree Christoph